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Billie is our Everywoman. An extrovert who loves her life. What a smile ! The life and soul of the party. Champagne ? Don't mind if I do ! She is sassy and sharp, she stands out in a crowd. Check out that hair. She is the woman you are, or the woman you'd like to be, or at least the woman you'd like as a mate.

All about Billie




CONTACT BILLIE: billie@lifesshort.co.uk

AGE: 22

HAIR: Ridiculously Red

EYES: Emerald

OCCUPATION: Groover, Junior TV Researcher

FAVE FOODS: Chocolate Fountain - Dipped Marshmallows, Thai, Haribo

FAVE TIPPLE: Moet, Bollinger, Tea

FAVE FILM: 24 Hour Party People, Moonstruck

DEFINITIVE LIFESSHORT TRACKS: Boogie 2nite by Booty Luv, A Higher Place by Peyton, Free by Ultra Nate

HOBBIES: Sky-diving, Belly-Dancing, Cocktail-making, Cocktail-quaffing, Shopping

IDEA OF PERFECT HAPPINESS: "Dancing on a balcony with my best girls overlooking the sea, watching the sun come up on another glorious day of fun-filled fabulousness."

WHAT HAS LIFE TAUGHT YOU?: "Patience is not a virtue, it's a waste of time, DO IT NOW!"

YOUR MOTTO: A Dance Is As Good As A Rest,Live Fast, Die Old


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...A BIT MORE ABOUT BILLIE : Billie and Eddie are in the same mould really, albeit different sexes which brings subtle differences of actions. They are definitely urban creatures who live and work in a big city. They are friends but not in a relationship. They both have lots of mutual friends, some of whom are in relationships. They go out and have good times in cities, but they also have other ways of having fun, go-karting, extreme sports, holidays, but neither has a seriousness or intensity about them. Perhaps they are lightweight characters who just adore life and the fruits it brings. They have the odd relationship here and there and although it never lasts long they are not promiscuous. It's just that the fun-chasing gets in the way of the attachments to partners, which carries a lower priority in their lives at this point. However, they try hard not to hurt other people, they smile a lot and somehow their happy charisma dissipates any shit that flies at them from dropped girl/boyfriends. Nevertheless they end up in some scrapes that they didn't see coming... ?

Occupation - Billie is a junior researcher at a large regional TV company. She's been in the job for 6 months although she did the same job at the same place as her placement during the Media Studies degree which she passed with a 2:1 last summer. She loves her job and can't imagine doing anything else at this point.

Home is a swanky two bedroomed "city living" apartment on the edge of the city. Her father, who also works in TV, is guarantor for her mortgage and did 'some deal' with the developer which reduced the price, and the economics work out because she rents the other bedroom to Eddie. The place is secure and seldom noisy unless Billie has a party where she invites the whole block. There's a large living room with a balcony, overlooking the city's past industrial communications. The noise of the trains and trams are distant, urban and comforting for the new young city-dwellers.

There is a sound system which is piped into all rooms, switch "on-or-offable" by room. The high spec is because the apartment was a show house for the block.

This place is above their station in the world and both Billie and Eddie know it, but Billie's father brokered a sharp deal, and their combined hard work can pay for it at the moment.

Neither has cars - the TV company and University are walking distance. The apartment comes with a basement parking space which Billie rents to a neighbour who has two cars but only one space. She also cut a sharp deal and the money helps with the mortgage.

Billie doesn't cook very well, she's never been interested in it and whatever she tries always turns out a mess. But Eddie is a dab hand and has curry fingers ! He's well into all sorts of world cuisines - Thai, Mexican, Med, Japanese and of course, Indian. The two are not always in the apartment at the same time but Billie tries to coincide herself with Eddie's concoctions, and if she can't then she knows there'll be something in the fridge that he's left.

Billie knows that Eddie quietly has a bit of a thing for her, but he's still a little lad, a bit young for her. She feels a little protective towards him but he needs keeping in his place when his ego runs away with him. Nevertheless he's a very good mate.

Music - she likes house music but a more vocal, soulful sound - the sort that makes it to the charts, or Masters At Work, although she has periods of going to drum n bass clubs. She goes to clubs with her mates and Eddie's there sometimes - they're always the last off the dance floor.




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