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Eddie is our Everyman. Cheeky, inviting, smart. No black clouds over him. He is inviting us to go for it, join the fun, be a bit daring. He looks like he has just cracked the best punchline ever, and is now watching us all fall about in hysterics.

All about Eddie




CONTACT EDDIE: eddie@lifesshort.co.uk

AGE: 20

HAIR: Orange

EYES: Brown

OCCUPATION: Geezer, Commercial Web Design Degree Student

FAVE FOODS: Jalfrezi, chips and mushy peas

FAVE TIPPLE: Stella, Staropramen, Daft Cocktails

FAVE FILM: Quadrophenia

DEFINITIVE LIFESSHORT TRACKS: Do Anything You Wanna Do - Eddie and the Hotrods, Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor - Arctic Monkeys

HOBBIES: Music, Go-karting, Chuckling, DJ'ing, Break-dancing and Late Night Daftery

IDEA OF PERFECT HAPPINESS: "Doing all the above at the same time"

WHAT HAS LIFE TAUGHT YOU?: "To make hay while the sun shines, to make hay while the sun doesn't shine - good job with our summers!"

YOUR MOTTO: "Life's Short - DO IT NOW"


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...A BIT MORE ABOUT EDDIE : Billie and Eddie are in the same mould really, albeit different sexes which brings subtle differences of actions. They are definitely urban creatures who live and work in the big city. They are friends but not in a relationship. They both have lots of mutual friends, some of whom are in relationships. They go out and have good times in cities, but they also have other ways of having fun, go-karting, extreme sports, holidays - but neither has a seriousness or intensity about them. Perhaps they are lightweight characters who just adore life and the fruits it brings. They have the odd relationship here and there and although it never lasts long they are not promiscuous. It's just that the fun-chasing gets in the way of the attachments to partners, which carry a lower priority in their lives at this point. However, they try hard not to hurt other people, they smile a lot and somehow their happy charisma dissipates any shit that flies at them from dropped girl/boyfriends. Nevertheless they end up in some scrapes that they didn't see coming... ?

Occupation - Eddie is a student at Manchester University doing a Business Web Design Degree. He's been a bit of a computer boffin since he was about 7, starting on Atari and PS1 consoles and moving into internet site design at fourteen. He feels he's wasted the first year of the course because it hasn't taught him anything he doesn't already know but thinks it'll kick off in year 2, this year, otherwise he's off. He's earning money from constructing private and business sites from a yellow pages ad he placed two years ago, so he already has a tidy business (albeit black [maybe grey] market) and enough to pay his rent to Billie every month.

Home - see 'Home' section for Billie. Eddie's living it up at her posh pad, he pays a fair whack for the pleasure but it's worth it. He does some fancy cooking and sorts her pc out when it busts - every week. He quite fancies her but she's always been his older mate and he's never quite been able to crack it (so to speak).

Girls ? He has girlfriends coming out of his ears if he wants them so he won't lose sleep over his platonic-only relationship with Billie. He hangs out with girls sometimes but they always want more out of him than he can be bothered giving. And they always want him every minute of every day instead of...well...less than that !

Music - he's into house music, mainly hard trance or old fashioned boshing techno, loves the house clubs - dance all night if the music is right ! But he's also into bands like The Arctic Monkeys, The Killerz, The Zutons, Kaiser Chiefs, and goes to the gigs if he has the money.

Life is new and very exciting, he has money, he has friends, he has Milligan to extract him from trouble, but most importantly, he knows how to enjoy every moment.



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