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She is part nurse, part holistic therapist, part guardian angel, part fairy godmother.She is forever getting Eddie and Billie out of scrapes, mending, nurturing, fixing. She is controlled , comforting, pure, until she is led astray by Milligan.....She has a love/hate relationship with Milligan. She despairs of him but loves him really.

All about Fliss




CONTACT FLISS: fliss@lifesshort.co.uk

AGE: Somewhere Over The Rainbow

HAIR: Powder blue

EYES: Forget-me-not-blue

OCCUPATION: Healer extraordinaire

FAVE FOODS: Vegetables grown in my extensive organic jardin, sushi (and the odd fresh cream horn)

FAVE TIPPLE: Camomile tea, smoothies (and the odd vodka gimlet)


DEFINITIVE LIFESSHORT TRACKS: It's Oh So Quiet by Bjork, Destiny by Zero 7, All I Need by Air, Fear And Love by Morcheeba

HOBBIES: Aromatherapy, animal welfare, (and the odd bungee jump)

IDEA OF PERFECT HAPPINESS: A yoga retreat in Bali, with massage, pampering, (and a nip of tequila thrown in)"

WHAT HAS LIFE TAUGHT YOU?: "Don't be pigeon-holed, follow your own path, even if it's an untrodden one"

YOUR MOTTO: "Be good, be Kind, then love you will find (and a right good piss up can open your mind)

MOST LIKELY TO BE HEARD SAYING: "Where are the fluffy bunnies ?"

PS. Fliss would like it to be known that the stuff in brackets has been added by an imposter. You know who your are, red horned one !

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...A BIT MORE ABOUT FLISS : Fliss is 34 and an absolute gem. She has a heart of gold and cannot but help people around her. She cannot stand meanness, cruelty or violence of any kind and believes strongly in karma. What goes round comes round - you get what you give, you reap what you sow. She is very bright, and did well at university and behind the hippy persona is a very focussed woman.

She is a great and old friend of Milligan's - one could say he is her best friend and vice versa. They were lovers when at college - he was 18 her 20. In her younger days, Fliss was pretty wild - moreso than Billie and Eddie. She partied hard with Milligan working in Ibiza as a dancer and 'flyer' throughout the summer whilst studying for a degree in psychology. Fliss and Milligan were a pretty formidable duo on the club scene, and would always eclipse anyone else with their party antics. It was a mad time. However, Fliss lost a good friend during this crazy period which freaked her out and made her re-evaluate and change her lifestyle.

Milligan and Fliss split - he became highly successful in his field, remaining in the club and entertainment world. After her degree, Fliss took off, deeply troubled at what had happened and eager to leave this lifestyle behind. She travelled extensively, learning her holistic skills along the way. She is now a yoga teacher, reiki master, masseur, first aid expert, and reflexologist, not to mention a pretty good counsellor. You name it, Fliss can fix it. She never wants to find herself at a loss as to what to do if a friend is in need.

On her travels she met a British bloke, also travelling, fell madly in love and they had a child, Arthur, who is now 8. The relationship faltered, and Fliss returned to old Blighty with Arthur when he was 3.

Since then she has built up her business with hard graft and passion, running an alternative therapies centre, and employing 6 other therapists. She has also devised her own brand of natural beauty products - "Fliss Bliss Naturals" - lotions creams shampoos etc after despairing of the amount of chemicals found in off the shelf products.

She now lives in a large 4 storey townhouse on the outskirts of Macclesfield with Arthur. The house is quite funky and modern inside, but with hippy touches. There are gorgeous-smelling candles everywhere, deep comfy sofas, and jewel-coloured bean-bags galore. There are a couple of Devon Rex cats rescued from a neighbour that share the space.

Fliss paints a bit and the kitchen is festooned with her and Arthur's artistic endeavours , as well as the herbs and flowers collected for use in her remedies. People love visiting Fliss, as they are enveloped in a cosy sense of well-being as soon as they walk through the door.

Fliss met Billie and Eddie through Milligan 3 years ago, when she returned to England. Milligan in turn met them on the club scene. Fliss sees her younger self so much in Billie and Eddie and worries like a clucking hen about them. Whenever they have love problems, friendship problems, health problems, hangovers from hell, she is there and they run to her.

Fliss, Milligan, Billie, and Eddie are great friends, despite their age differences. They just click together, and share a positive love for life. The times they spend together, usually in Billie's flat, are magical.

Fliss despite her caring nature, has a wicked sense of humour - something they all share - hence the infectious grins.





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