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Milligan is our naughty side and let's face it, we all have one. He is the devilish rogue, the tempter. Still dangerously lovable, he's the advocator, the implementer, the facilitator and the provocateur. "Come with me and I'll show you a good time!". Fun, fantasy and flaming fire !.

All about Milligan

NAME: MILLIGAN (Mr Milligan to you...)



CONTACT MILLIGAN: milligan@lifesshort.co.uk

AGE: 30's


EYES: Depends

OCCUPATION: Skulldugger, Part-time blackguard, oh and a bit of business

FAVE FOODS: Vindaloo, phall, raw birdeye chillies

FAVE TIPPLE: Irish black russian

FAVE FILM: Training Day, The Departed, Midnight Express, Get Carter

DEFINITIVE LIFESSHORT TRACKS: Wild Times by De-Lite, Cowgirl by Underworld and Illogique by The Youngsters

HOBBIES: Carpet-kissing, arm-wrestling, russian roulette, martial arts

IDEA OF PERFECT HAPPINESS: "A booming basement in Burnley...or anywhere really"

WHAT HAS LIFE TAUGHT YOU?: "Go and get it, it won't come to you"

YOUR MOTTO: "Don't fear the reaper, don't fear anything"

MOST LIKELY TO BE HEARD SAYING: "Red button - push it !"

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...A BIT MORE ABOUT MILLIGAN : Milligan - he's like an older, big brother of Eddie. He's been an Eddie 10 years ago, but he's learned tricks that made him wiser about life and having good times. Yes, he's over 30 but that only means that he's better at having fun than in his 20's. He just doesn't tell everyone what he's doing, going about it in a more premeditated way. He's been around the world a few times and danced on the floors of the biggest clubs of New York, Rio, Singapore, Melbourne...and the beaches of Goa and Thailand. He's had more serious relationships that have failed, he's hurt people (though he didn't intend it), and been messed up himself. Maybe he has an ongoing relationship with Fliss...but we're not really sure, he keeps his business to himself. Wherever he's been to around the world, he comes back and sees Fliss, gently trying to lead her astray. Billie and Eddie know him well and they go to him for help and advice. He has fewer friends now, they're high maintenance and anyway, he has the confidence to do his stuff alone. The others rarely know what he's doing or where he is, a sort of shadowy figure, with a cutting and powerful sense of humour.

Occupation - Milligan is an agent for dj's. 20 years ago he started as a dj himself just as house music was starting to boom. He was good, and was the darling of the new and exciting club scene, worshipped by clubbers all over the UK. But Milligan is an intelligent soul. He could see that his industry and all the adulation was destructive. He saw friends who couldn't handle it, and those who died young. He set up his agency in '92 and recruited close allies on the dj circuit. It was a difficult learning curve to start with, and he made mistakes which he paid for rather than the dj's. But now he's a big cat, handling 20 of the highest profile music men in the world, handling all their affairs, from bookings, payments, riders, transport, hotels. He keeps himself apart from his clients, though, preferring just to do the business for them. He'll be with them on bookings to new countries to make sure it all goes smoothly but then his own time is just that - on his own...or with a girlfriend if it's happening.

Home - is a secluded country house well out of the city, in the moors above. Milligan doesn't have neighbours, they'd just piss him off and vice versa. The house is made out of old sandstone blocks, c.1750, which have quartered herringbone masonwork on each one. The house has none of the suave urban delicacy of Billie's apartment, but is rough and rustic without being twee or contrived. The kitchen has some heavyweight hardware, an aga, chunky pots and pans hanging from the beams, spices in racks, and specialist knives and cleavers - his family have been butchers, gamekeepers and poachers for nearly 150 years in England and before that in Ireland, and his move into the hills was a return to his rural roots. The view from his kitchen looks down on the city and some of the satellite towns, a panorama covering over 100 square miles. He has a sound system that'd blow loud in The Ministry...no neighbours, doesn't matter !

All his work and correspondence is done from a city office, his home location being largely a secret. Of our characters, only Fliss knows his home address, though the others know his office.

Milligan has an old Triumph 250 motorbike which he doesn't use that often. He has a driver on his payroll who picks him up when he whistles.

He has all the best tunes in his box - well, as a former dj, who stayed in the industry his music stash is frighteningly impressive, tens of thousands, stored and catalogued at his house. If there was a battle of the ipods, he'd be in the finals with Frankie Knuckles, Tony Humphries and Paul Oakenfold.

Milligan knows a trick or three. Whilst he saw clearly that the industry eats people up and spits them out, if he wasn't in the front line, he could ride the wave, either on it's peak or off it's back depending on his appetite. He isn't pure, he isn't a saint, but he's not a bad man. Just a zealot in the Lifesshort plan.




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